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Best Riads in Marrakech (Morocco)

Best Riads in Marrakech

Best Riads in Marrakech (Morocco)

Here are the best riads in Marrakech for a memorable and enjoyable stay in the vibrant city of Morocco, Marrakech, known as Morocco Red City, boasts some of the world’s most beautiful hotels, particularly its traditional riads. These ancient townhouse hotels are hidden within the medina’s labyrinthine streets, offering a sense of privacy and tranquility. Behind unassuming doors, guests discover stunning open-air courtyards adorned with fountains, lush greenery, and secluded roof terraces with pools. With a range of options to suit different preferences and budgets, Marrakech riads provide an intimate and enchanting experience. Whether you desire a modern design haven, a serene oasis immersed in nature, or a glimpse into Morocco traditional craftsmanship, the best riads in Marrakech capture the essence of this captivating city. From centuries-old restored gems to contemporary retreats, these riads offer a unique and memorable stay in the heart of Marrakech vibrant medina.

What is a Riad in Marrakech?

Riads in Marrakech offer a unique experience with their traditional Moroccan architecture, interior courtyards, and peaceful ambiance. These accommodations provide a haven of tranquility amidst the bustling city. The beautiful Moroccan-style decor adds to the charm, and some riads even feature amenities like pools and spas. The emphasis on privacy is evident in the design, with the focus on the interior patio where guests can enjoy breakfast and savor delicious mint tea. It’s a cultural immersion that allows visitors to truly appreciate Arab traditions and hospitality.

Best Riads in Marrakech (Morocco)

Reasons to Sleep in a Riad in Marrakech

  1. Staying in a riad is a must in Marrakech as it offers a true Moroccan experience. While slightly more expensive than hotels, the service is exceptional, ensuring a memorable stay.
  2. Personalized attention is a highlight of riads. With a limited number of rooms, interactions with the owners are more direct. They provide valuable recommendations for exploring Marrakech and can arrange various activities.
  3. Riad breakfasts are a treat with a wide selection of delicious items. The daily msemen pancakes with jam are a particular delight. Traditional Moroccan breakfasts served in riads add to the authentic experience.
  4. The magnificent decoration of riads reflects the grandeur of the past. These houses or palaces were once occupied by the city’s wealthiest individuals, and their exquisite taste is evident in the intricate tilework and majestic decor. Many riads have been restored while preserving their traditional ambiance.

Riad El Fenn

El Fenn, a superb luxury riad in Marrakech, stands out among its competitors due to its co-owner, Vanessa Branson, who infuses a rock-and-roll vibe into the property. The riad offers a lively atmosphere, occasional DJs entertaining guests on the vibrant rooftop terrace cocktail bar, and pools adorned with floating candles create a magical ambiance at night. The rooms blend mid-century furniture with Moroccan design elements, with some even featuring calfskin leather floors. El Fenn is renowned for its extravagant bathrooms, equipped with double showerheads as a standard feature. A few select rooms offer outdoor showers or stunning freestanding bathtubs placed in front of open fires. With its hip and trendy ambiance, El Fenn is undeniably the city’s most fashionable and sought-after address.

Riad L’Orangeraie, Mouassine

Located on the bustling Rue Sidi el Yamani, one of the main streets in Marrakech’s medina, this luxurious riad is easily accessible and surrounded by the city’s finest boutique shops. Once inside, guests are greeted by a beautiful fusion of Moroccan and Mediterranean styles, enhanced by carefully curated artwork. The rooms, each named after local spices, exude a contemporary bohemian spirit and feature smooth tadelakt walls, a traditional Moroccan plaster. The highlight of the riad is its pool terrace, an extension of the main courtyard, where movies are projected onto the walls on balmy evenings, creating a magical atmosphere. With its convenient location, artistic ambiance, and charming amenities, this riad offers a delightful retreat in the heart of Marrakech.

Riad Tizwa

Situated within walking distance of the trendy souqs of Mouassine, Riad Tizwa offers a peaceful escape from the bustling medina. Owned by the Scottish Bee brothers, this riad can be rented as individual rooms or as a private retreat for groups. The design is tastefully understated, allowing the traditional tiling and woodwork to take center stage. With its spacious layout, Riad Tizwa features six airy rooms, a rooftop terrace with sun loungers, and billowing drapes that contribute to its relaxed atmosphere. Adding to the laid-back vibe, breakfast is served at your convenience. Whether you choose to explore the vibrant surroundings or unwind in the tranquil ambiance of the riad, Riad Tizwa provides a comfortable and convenient haven in the heart of Marrakech.

Riad Elegancia

Freshly renovated in 2021, this adult-only riad, a sister property to La Maison Arabe, exudes an authentic charm. The restoration project incorporated traditional woodwork, filling the air with the enchanting scent of cedarwood. The decor perfectly captures the essence of a classic medina riad, featuring vaulted plasterwork corridors, intricately crafted metal lanterns, and stunning zellij tiling. Alongside these traditional elements, you’ll find modern amenities such as luxurious bathrooms, minibars, and plush robes for added comfort. The rooftop terrace steals the show, adorned with accents of majestic blue. From here, you can revel in panoramic views of the Atlas Mountains, take a refreshing dip in the rooftop lap pool, and indulge in the rarity of a hot tub in Marrakech. It’s a delightful sanctuary to unwind and soak up the captivating surroundings.

Riad Up

The riad known as “Up” lives up to its name by offering an urban paradise that exudes a sense of tranquility. Owned by Elsa Bauza from Mallorca, this stripped-back riad embraces a minimalist Mediterranean aesthetic. Traditional riad features, such as the impressive oak doors, blend harmoniously with the serene interior spaces characterized by concrete floors, high ceilings, and mid-century seating. The raised bed platforms add an extra touch of comfort. With only six rooms and a breezy patio adorned with lounge seating and a refreshing plunge pool, Up provides an atmosphere that encourages contemplative relaxation. Bauza’s presence on-site ensures that guests receive a personalized and attentive experience, making their stay even more memorable.

Riad Nesma

Nesma is a delightful riad that offers a truly traditional experience with its comfortable rooms and friendly service. What sets Nesma apart is that it is a locally owned family business, a rarity in Marrakesh where many riads are owned by expats. Its prime location on Riad Zitoun Lakdim, a charming shopping street in the calm southern part of the medina, makes it easily accessible. While the rooms may lean towards a slightly chintzy style, the highlight is the indulgent breakfast spread featuring local bread, cakes, jams, and honey. After exploring the bustling medina, guests can unwind on the rooftop terrace, enjoying a Jacuzzi and a glass of wine while watching the sunset. Nesma offers a warm and inviting atmosphere for an authentic riad experience.

Riad Star

This riad, once the residence of the iconic Jazz Age performer Josephine Baker, exudes an air of glamour with its exquisite bone-white traditional plasterwork. The British owners have paid homage to Baker’s stardom by infusing the riad with elegant touches such as satin cushions and art deco figurines, reminiscent of the riad’s past as a venue for lavish parties hosted by the Pasha of Marrakech. Adding to its allure, two of the 13 rooms feature meditation pods, offering a tranquil escape. The attentive staff treats guests like royalty, going above and beyond by providing local pay-as-you-go phones for easy communication and assistance in navigating the bustling medina. This riad promises a truly extraordinary and memorable stay.

Riad Yasmine

Riad Yasmine is renowned for its picturesque pool area adorned with lush foliage and stunning emerald zellij tiling, creating an enchanting oasis. This riad has gained popularity among the Instagram crowd, attracting visitors with its Ibiza-style lounge beds and vibrant atmosphere. While the pool courtyard is open for lunch, only overnight guests have the privilege of taking a refreshing dip. The rest of the riad maintains the same level of style and sophistication, offering eight spacious rooms and suites with earthy-toned decor. For larger groups and families, Riad Yasmine also offers two private three-bedroom riads. The newest addition, Le Petit Yasmine, boasts luxurious amenities including a heated plunge pool, Sonos sound system, cinema projector, and access to Netflix, ensuring a delightful and memorable stay.

Riad Kniza

This luxurious B&B, set in an 18th-century traditional Moroccan building, offers a range of amenities for guests to enjoy. The outdoor swimming pool, sauna, and steam bath provide relaxation options just a 25-minute walk from Jamaâ El Fna Square. The rooms at Riad Kniza are decorated in the traditional Moroccan style, featuring carved wooden furniture and fireplaces. Each room has a private bathroom. Breakfast is included and served on the terrace or in communal lounges with fireplaces. Guests can also reserve dinners with traditional regional dishes. The property offers Wi-Fi, car services, and free private parking. Marrakech Airport is a 25-minute drive away.

La Villa des Orangers

Villa des Orangers is a luxurious former palace in Marrakech’s center, just a 5-minute walk from Jemaa el Fna Square. It features three patios with orange trees and swimming pools, along with a wellness center. The rooms have air-conditioners and are elegantly furnished and include amenities such as Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and a minibar, one of the best riads in Marrakech. Each room has a private bathroom with the best twin sinks to enjoy, a bathtub, and a separate shower. Some rooms offer private terraces. Guests can enjoy daily breakfast and Mediterranean cuisine at the on-site restaurant. The villa also has a 24-hour bar serving free non-alcoholic drinks. A hammam, beauty salon, massage booths, and fitness room are available for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Riad Anjar

Riad Anjar one of our best riads in Marrakech showcases mixt with Moroccan traditions and Italian, with features like a Zellige mosaic wall in the courtyard and a rooftop terrace adorned with fruit trees and fountains. The riad offers seven rooms that embrace Moroccan design, including some with four-poster beds and raised floors. Each room also has a private seating area on the shaded verandah. The riad boasts a spa and a restaurant, providing a relaxed and homey atmosphere. Guests have the flexibility to enjoy supper in various settings, such as by the fireplace in the Moroccan salon, on the roof terrace, or under the stars in the courtyard.