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Flights to Morocco from USA

Flights to Morocco from USA

Flights to Morocco from USA

Flights to Morocco from USA offer various options. While direct flights from major US cities like New York to Moroccan destinations such as Casablanca or Marrakech are common, some travelers prefer a European stopover. You can fly to European cities like Paris, Madrid, or Lisbon and then catch a connecting flight to Morocco, allowing for a two-in-one trip. If you’re not near a major airport with direct Morocco flights, consider booking a domestic flight to a hub like JFK in New York for easier access to Moroccan destinations. Your choice depends on location, travel preferences, and desired itinerary.

How to Fly from USA to Morocco

Direct flights to Morocco from USA are primarily provided by Royal Air Maroc. They operate two weekly flights connecting John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York to Mohammed V International Airport in Casablanca. However, if reaching JFK Airport is inconvenient, there are alternative options through other airlines. Many major European carriers, such as British Airways, KLM, Air France, Egypt Air, Qatar Airways, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, Norwegian, Air Europa, and Condor, offer connections to Morocco. These flights typically include one or more intermediate stops. Your choice depends on your location, convenience, and travel preferences.

Indirect Flights

One of the most convenient ways to travel from USA to Morocco is via Europe, as it offers a wider range of options for American travelers. Additionally, instead of exclusively flying into Casablanca’s main airport, you can consider other Moroccan airports like Agadir, Fes, Marrakech, Ouarzazate, Rabat, and Tangier. These alternative destinations are accessible from various European cities.

For travelers planning a more extended stay in Morocco, it’s recommended to use Tangier or Casablanca airports. This enables you to explore the country thoroughly. Starting from Tangier, you can journey from the north to the south, visiting places like Chefchaouen, Fes, Merzouga, Ouarzazate, and Marrakech, with your departure point being Marrakech or Casablanca. Similarly, if you begin your trip from Casablanca, you can follow a similar itinerary.

However, if your Morocco trip is time-constrained, booking a direct flight to Fes or Marrakech is more practical than planning your departure from either Casablanca or Marrakech.

Flight Time from USA to Morocco

Flying to Morocco from USA typically involves a long-distance flight with a duration of approximately six to seven hours. These flights usually depart from New York in the afternoon or evening and arrive in Morocco early in the morning.

When considering flights with intermediate stops on other airlines, the travel time can vary significantly, ranging from 14 to 22 hours, depending on the number of stops.

However, opting for flights via Europe can significantly reduce travel time. For instance, flights from Amsterdam to Tangier take only two hours, while it takes four hours to reach Marrakech. The closest European country, Spain, offers a two-hour flight to Marrakech. You can expect a four-hour flight from Frankfurt to both Marrakech and Casablanca.

Domestic Flights

Domestic flights are available at most Moroccan airports, but they may not be the best option for short distances due to their longer duration, often taking up to 10 hours. These flights can also be subject to delays and tend to be relatively expensive. Therefore, it’s advisable to consider Moroccan trains or renting a car for shorter journeys.

Flights are typically recommended for the longest journeys, such as those to Laayoune or Dakhla, where the convenience of air travel may outweigh other options.

The cheapest Time to Fly to Morocco from USA?

Flights from USA to Morocco are generally more expensive in December, while prices tend to be more favorable in April. You can find the cheapest tickets starting at around $600 during April. Keep in mind that flight prices can fluctuate based on various factors, so it’s a good practice to compare prices and book your tickets in advance to secure the best deals.

What airports serve Flights to Morocco from USA?

Travelers from USA heading to Morocco often depart from Washington Dulles International Airport and John F. Kennedy International Airport. Washington Dulles Airport is situated 26 miles from Washington, DC, and serves as a hub for American Airlines. On the other hand, JFK Airport is located in Queens, New York, and stands as the busiest airport in the state. When it comes to destination airports in Morocco, Mohammed V International Airport, near Casablanca, is a common choice. Another option is Tangier Ibn Battouta Airport, which saw over one million passengers in 2017. These airports provide convenient access for travelers to explore Morocco.

What Airlines Fly Directly from USA to Morocco?

Direct flights from USA to Morocco primarily arrive at Casablanca. Washington Dulles Airport and JFK Airport offer direct flights to this Moroccan city. Royal Air Maroc operates direct flights from Washington DC, typically with an average travel time of 7 hours and 20 minutes. New York City airports also provide direct flights to Casablanca through Royal Air Maroc. While there are nonstop options available, some flights offered by other airlines may have intermediate stops, including airlines like TAP Air Portugal, Vueling Airlines, and Norwegian Airlines. Travelers have various choices when it comes to flight options between USA and Morocco.

What are the Stopover Options Between USA and Morocco?

Travelers departing from John F. Kennedy Airport to Casablanca have several stopover flight options, with potential layovers at airports like Lisbon Airport, Barcelona Airport, and Madrid Airport. For those flying from Washington DC to Morocco, stopover flights may pass through Logan International Airport, Barcelona Airport, or Madrid Airport. It’s worth noting that longer flights, especially those with multiple stops, can often be more cost-effective than nonstop options. Flights with two or more layovers can also provide budget-friendly alternatives compared to flights with just one stop. Travelers can choose from a variety of routes and stopover locations based on their preferences and budget considerations.

What Airlines Fly to Morocco?

Yes, American Airlines and Royal Air Maroc are among the airlines that offer frequent flights from United States to Morocco. Travelers looking to fly between the United States and Morocco can often find various flight options with these airlines, including both nonstop and connecting flights, depending on their departure city and destination in Morocco.

Do I Need a Visa to Fly to Morocco from USA?

Yes, entering Morocco typically requires a passport that is valid for the duration of your stay. Additionally, citizens of many countries, including United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and most European Union countries, do not need a visa for short tourist visits to Morocco. However, visa requirements can change, so it’s essential to check with the Moroccan embassy or consulate in your home country or visit the official Moroccan government website for the most up-to-date information regarding entry requirements before your Morocco trip. While a return flight may not be required for entry, it’s always a good practice to have a return or onward flight booked as some airlines or immigration officials may ask for proof of departure.

Traveling to Morocco from USA with an Agency

Traveling with a reputable Best Morocco travel agency ensures a hassle-free journey filled with fantastic experiences. The agency meticulously handles all aspects of your Morocco trip, from comfortable accommodations to luxury transportation, Morocco desert tours, and more, leaving you with nothing to worry about. With their expertise, you can explore Morocco with ease, knowing that every detail is well taken care of.