Is Morocco safe for women to travel?

Is Morocco safe for women to travel?

The answer is YES. Morocco is generally safe to travel.Certain places are not advisable for solo travelers, especially females. It’s highly recommended to have a knowledgeable guide familiar with the intricacies of the cities you plan to visit. To steer clear of uncomfortable or unwelcome situations, we’ll offer some helpful tips.

But before we go into detail we will give you a summary of the experience of one of our female clients. The trip was booked by 2 female best friends who were accompanied by their daughters. They combined a mother and daughter & besties trip where they started in Marrakech and spent some nights in the desert and ended back in Marrakech.


Before going into depth, book your trip ASAP with Best Morocco Travel, believe me you will not regret this! I have had the best trip with memories that still astonish me and give me butterflies in my belly. All things I would normally stress about on holidays such as arranging, booking and planning were all taken cared by Best Morocco Travel.

Moreover, their hospitality and the chauffeurs made our trip even more perfect than it already was. Not only did they make us feel comfortable, they were also very polite and respectful to us and to our daughters, which is a dealbreaker for me.

Before I start with describing my perfect stay I would like to give more background information. I Am a Moroccan female born in the Netherlands, but still manage to visit Morocco as often as possible. I was amazed by this trip, I have seen a side of Morocco that I was completely unaware of. Visited places that I would never have visited if it wasn’t for Best Morocco Travels.

The communication was very good even before starting this trip. Upon arrival Hassan our main tour guide was already waiting for us at the airport. We were led to our Riad, a stunningly beautiful and impeccably maintained residence. Our first evening was spent at Jame3 el Fna, immersing ourselves in the vibrant atmosphere. The following day, our journey commenced promptly, with an early start, as we set our sights on Dates Dunes.

We booked a private tour with Best Morocco Travel as I felt more comfortable and I would be more in my comfort zone. This was absolutely amazing, because we could stop wherever we wanted. The day after we went ahead to Merzouga, this was absolutely magnificent. It felt like a dream. At first I was

hesitant to be in a car for so many hours but I would do it over and over again. True beauty, laughter honestly I felt only happiness. The food was great and the people were so lovely. We were heading back to Marrakech when we decided to add a trip to Ourika on our day of departure. Hassan was so flexible and he arranged everything we needed. My only regret is that we didn’t heed the upfront recommendation to extend our stay with additional days.

As soon as I came home to the Netherlands I wrote a review and I already was missing Morocco. But now 4 weeks later thinking about my trip gives me bittersweet feelings. I am really longing to go back to beautiful Morocco. This time I will come back with only girlfriends and we want to visit Fes and surroundings.

Things to do and not to do in Morocco

When it comes to travelling to a new country or destination, knowing the culture will help you understand more about your travel destination and will help you with a safer journey.

Even though Morocco is becoming more and more booming when it comes to your attire you should be mindful. So what to wear in Morocco? In Morocco, modest clothing, particularly for women, holds high value. Wearing revealing attire may attract unwanted attention and could be perceived as disrespectful. It’s particularly important to be mindful of the dress code, especially during Ramadan.

Some areas you may find that there will be a more relaxed approach towards women. These areas include some big cities such as tours from Casablanca and tours from Marrakech. Villages and rural areas are less familiar with females traveling all alone. Although people in villages are often not familiar with foreigners, they will not bother you, just make sure you are not asking for unwanted attention.

We understand that when you’re in love you want to be all lovey-dovey, however this is a no go. In bustling markets, you’ll encounter numerous sellers vying to promote their goods. Should you not be interested, please remember the phrase “La shoukran,” translating to “no thank you,” to politely decline.

Try to keep your eye-contact neutral. The same goes for your body language. Sometimes, despite your efforts to maintain a kind and smiling demeanor throughout, misinterpretations can still occur. Just to avoid giving the wrong impression try not to look for too long or too much eye-contact.

Don’t go into alleys or areas where not a lot of people are. Try to stick to well-lit areas. Even though it seems like common sense, please try to stick to this. Also don’t just go with strangers.

When booking your accommodation check if it is close to the areas you want to explore. We also advise you to do your research beforehand and read reviews. Pay attention to the neighborhood, staff behavior, if other females left reviews behind.

The above mentioned tips will help you a lot, however we highly advise you to book a tour guide with us at Best Morocco Travel to prevent you from going to bad places, bargain for you on markets and to make sure you are traveling around safely. It will also enrich your experience

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