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Royal Palace of Fes (Dar al-Makhzen)

Royal Palace of Fes (Dar al-Makhzen)

Royal Palace of Fes (Dar al-Makhzen)

The royal palace of Fes is an exceptional architectural gem in the Kingdom of Morocco. As Fes holds the esteemed title of being the religious capital of the country, it boasts the remarkable Dar al-Makhzen, the main highlight of the palace complex and a major draw for visitors. Best Morocco Travel is delighted to introduce the royal palace of Fes, an embodiment of Moroccan traditions and customs. With its rich heritage and cultural significance, this majestic palace continues to attract tourists, testifying to the country’s vibrant history and enchanting appeal. Get into the splendor of Moroccan traditions by visiting this magnificent palace.

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About the Royal Palace of Fes Dar al-Makhzen

The royal palace of Fes, known as Dar al-Makhzen, was constructed in the 14th century just outside the old medina of Fes el Bali. Spanning an impressive 80 hectares, equivalent to around 80 soccer fields, it showcases remarkable features:

Within the palace’s inner section, you will find the Plaza de Armas, the Lalla Mina gardens, a Madrasa, and the Almoravid Tower.

The fortress boasts a double wall, separated by a blind road that stretches approximately 2 kilometers.

As the sixth official residence of the Morocco monarchy under King Mohamed VI, the royal palace of Fes holds great significance.

While renovations have taken place over time, efforts have always been made to preserve elements from the palace’s initial dynasty, such as the stables, wheat barns, and the artificial lake.

Royal Palace of Fes (Dar al-Makhzen)

How to get to the Royal Palace of Fes?

The royal palace of Fes is located in the Fes Jdid neighborhood. We located it right in front of Mechouar Square, which we can reach through Mawlai al-Hassan Street. Very close to one of the gates of Fes, known as Bab Dekakene.

Where do you access the Royal Palace of Fes?

For those who decide to travel to Fes to see this palace, they can arrive via Yacoub El Mansour Avenue; It is a narrow street that skirts the wall in two directions; continuing along Mohammed V Avenue, until you pass the As Sauna Mosque on the right.
From there, there will be at least 10 minutes on foot, which will undoubtedly be worth it to see this wonder.

However, the main entrance of the royal palace of Fes is not easily accessible for citizens, nor for any person who is going to do tourism in Fes.

You can approach it through the Alaouites square, an esplanade dating from 1968, which takes you directly to the impressive and one of the oldest Moroccan portals.

As this palace functions as a royal residence, we will see that the police are always present at the gates and in all its surroundings. Some of them may prevent you from taking some photos, especially if you get too close.

Royal Palace of Fes (Dar al-Makhzen)

Design of the Royal Palace of Fes

This palace has the space designed for the king’s personal life together with the royal family, but it also has other areas of interest such as:

  • Special accommodations for the Moroccan Royal Guard.
  • The Collège Royal is a school catering to senior members of the royal family.
  • A cooking school.
  • A library housing the manuscript collection of Hassan II.

Expansive gardens encircling the palace, meticulously designed to incorporate the formality of French style, elements of Arab tradition, and local horticulture.

Curiosities of the Doors

The royal palace of Fes has seven doors, each one of them with special characteristics that make them uniquely striking for the eyes of locals and tourists.

At the front of the palace, we see the main entrance; These are solid wood doors that have been lined in bronze giving a spectacular visual.

The doors are a symbol of the seven days of the week and of the seven degrees of the monarchy.

They have been framed by traditional tiles, using as a base the colors that symbolize the city of Fes and Islam, blue and green.

Just seeing the Moroccan doors of this palace by day can impress you, but you can’t miss seeing them at night when the spotlights come on at sunset.
This is a show that you cannot miss when you go to visit the most important Moroccan cities.

Where to stay near the Palace of Fes

This palace represents one of the most important tourist spots in Fes; so if you are looking for a place to stay in Fes, the ideal is to locate a place as close as possible to the palace.

Any hotel in Fes can offer you a wide variety of services since they are characterized by meeting the needs of their guests throughout their stay.
In the Medina of Fes, you can find a traditional Riad on the main street of the Medina, just a few meters from the royal palace of Fes because the palace is located in the best location is everything close to the Madina, a new town…

Visit the Surroundings of the Royal Palace of Fes

In order not to miss any of the places that are in the royal palace of Fes in its surroundings, we suggest you hire a private guide or a guided tour service in Morocco, which can take you very close to the gates of the palace.
The guides offer you:

  • Pick up at the entrance of the hotel or Riad.
  • Take a walk through the most significant alleys of Fes.
  • Take you to see the walls and historical monuments of the town.

Exploring the royal palace of Fes is undoubtedly one of the top attractions in Morocco, offering breathtaking sights from its surroundings. While entry into the palace itself may not be possible, you can still get up close and explore the captivating environs.

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