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Traveling to Morocco from Philippines

Traveling to Morocco from Philippines

Traveling to Morocco from Philippines

Traveling from Philippines to Morocco is straightforward due to regular flight connections. Morocco, in North Africa along the Atlantic Ocean, stands out for its cultural, linguistic, and geographic diversity.

Morocco cultural tapestry is rich and varied, making each place you visit feel like a journey to a different country. This diversity extends to languages spoken and landscapes encountered. Along the coast, you will find inviting beaches and moderate weather. Venture north, and you will encounter majestic mountains, while the south and east reveal vast deserts and scorching sun.

Morocco hosts two of the world’s most popular tourist destinations: Marrakech, known for its unique Jamaa El Fna square and lively souks, and Chefchaouen, dubbed Instagram City due to its popularity among social media enthusiasts.

For Filipinos, Morocco is easily accessible as it doesn’t require a visa. This enchanting country offers an unforgettable adventure with its diverse culture, languages, and stunning landscapes.

Do Philippine Citizens Need a Visa for Morocco?

Philippine citizens enjoy visa-free travel to Morocco in 2023, allowing stays for up to 90 days. This convenience simplifies travel preparations, but it’s essential to remain informed and prepared for a smooth and safe trip.

How to Get to Morocco

For Filipino travelers heading to Morocco, finding affordable airfare can be a challenge due to the absence of direct flights. However, there are indirect routes available through airlines like Oman Air, which offers a Manila to Casablanca route with a layover in Muscat. This option typically takes 19 to 25 hours and costs around 500-800 USD (25,000-45,000 pesos) for a roundtrip ticket from Manila.

Saudia is another airline that provides budget-friendly flight options, although some travelers have reported varying levels of in-flight service and crew hospitality. Despite the airfare challenges, Morocco allure and experiences await those willing to go on the journey.

What Should You Know Before Traveling to Morocco?

Certainly, Morocco is a renowned travel destination, attracting millions of visitors yearly. While it receives widespread acclaim, occasional travelers may find their experiences fall short of their expectations. As a seasoned travel operator, I understand the importance of aligning these expectations with the reality of the Moroccan experience.

Morocco offers a unique blend of culture, history, and landscapes, from vibrant markets to tranquil deserts. However, it’s essential to inform travelers that this diversity also includes cultural differences and logistical challenges.

By presenting an accurate portrayal of Morocco beauty and complexities, travelers can better prepare for their journey and appreciate the country’s uniqueness. Balancing expectations is key to ensuring an enriching and enjoyable Moroccan adventure.

How to Fly to Morocco from Philippines?

When it comes to traveling to Morocco from Philippines, flying is the most practical and viable option due to the significant distance between the two countries, which is over 12,639 kilometers. There are several flight routes available:

Manila to Rabat: This route is one of the more affordable options, with a ticket cost of approximately $491.

Manila to Casablanca: For travelers looking to arrive in Casablanca, you can find flights from Manila at a cost of around $652.

Clark International to Casablanca: Another option is to fly from Clark International Airport to Casablanca, with tickets priced at approximately $554.

It’s advisable to search for the most suitable and cost-effective flight options, as prices and availability can vary depending on the time of booking and other factors. Always check with airlines and travel agencies for the latest information and deals.

How Much Does Accommodation Cost in Morocco?

Accommodations in Morocco, especially in cities like Casablanca, Fes, Marrakech, Essaouira, and even the Sahara desert, can be relatively more affordable compared to hotels in Manila. Budget-conscious travelers can find a variety of options, including budget hostels and family-run guesthouses, with prices starting at around 40 USD for the entire duration of your stay.

A travel tip to save money is to look for hostels that offer free breakfast, eliminating the need to worry about morning meals.

Booking accommodations in Morocco is convenient, with platforms like offering a wide range of choices. For your reference, here are some selected accommodations for your Morocco trip.

How to Get Around Morocco

Morocco offers an affordable and generally reliable public transportation system, with trains being a popular choice. You can easily check the prices and timetables of the national railway operator ONCF.

Buses are another cost-effective and dependable option. Numerous local bus companies operate throughout the country, particularly on popular routes like Casablanca to Marrakech. The level of comfort can vary significantly among companies. Some offer air-conditioned buses with amenities like TV and on-board snacks, while others use older buses without air-conditioning and with less comfort. If you prefer extra comfort, consider companies like CTM.

How Much Does Food Cost in Morocco?

Food in Morocco is quite affordable, with an average meal (breakfast, lunch, or dinner) costing around 7 USD. However, keep in mind that prices may vary depending on your food preferences and appetite. You can find more information about the overall expenses of your trip in the expense summary at the end of this Morocco Travel Guide.

Traveling to Morocco from Philippines with an Agency

Traveling with a reputable agency in Morocco ensures a hassle-free journey filled with fantastic experiences. The agency meticulously handles all aspects of your Morocco trip, from accommodations to luxury transportation, tours, and more than that, leaving you with nothing to worry about. With their expertise, you can explore Morocco with ease, knowing that every detail is well taken care of.

Factors Affecting Prices in Morocco

The cost of a Moroccan travel agency services depends on various factors, so it’s essential to communicate your preferences and desired level of service. Agencies typically offer three main packages: business, standard, and luxury, with prices varying based on the chosen package and the season of travel. Hotel location and quality also impact costs, as central hotels tend to be more expensive. The quality of transportation and drivers can also influence prices, as more experienced and knowledgeable drivers may charge more. While affordability is important, prioritize excellent service over seeking the lowest price when planning your Morocco trip.

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