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Merzouga Camel Ride

Merzouga Camel Ride


The best and most appropriate camel rides in Morocco are offered by Merzouga camel trekking, which gives you the chance to travel through the tallest and most impressive sand dunes in the nation, Erg Chebbi.

The camel trekking experience is one of Merzouga desert’s most famous features, as seen in many photographs taken there. It has come to be associated with traveling to the Moroccan Sahara desert and staying at a camp that is well-equipped for camping under the stars in the middle of the desert for at least one night.

Riding a camel in the Sahara desert of Merzouga is a good choice for every visitor who wants to discover the real meaning of the desert, by going slowly on the back of the camel in a long tour around the dunes of Erg-Chebbi. This tour over camels will allow you to enjoy the beauty of one of the best views you may ever see in the world, the sunset from the highest dunes in Merzouga which reach up to 180 meters high, you can have enough time to relax on the dunes of sand and take pictures for those unforgettable moments.

This tour will allow you to spend a night under the stars in a traditional/ luxury tent in the deep of the Sahara desert of Merzouga, where a wonderful night with Gnawa musicians around the fire is waiting for you to experience with the local people living there, you will enjoy a memorable night that full of surprises and joyful. More than that, you will have the chance to catch the sunrise of the following day as you get up early and enjoy the feeling of freshness in the early morning.


  • Ride a camel as you trek over Morocco’s Erg Chebbi Dunes.
  • Enjoy the tour on Camel’s back.
  • Wear like Saharan desert men.
  • Catch the sunset and take the most beautiful pictures.
  • Feasting the delicious traditional Moroccan tagine meal.
  • Play drums around the fire and have a cup of tea.
  • Sleep under the stars and watch the sun rise over the dunes of the Sahara Desert.
  • Wake up early and see the sunrise on the big dunes of sand in the Merzouga Sahara desert.
  • Relish the lifestyle of desert nomads by setting and having breakfast. 


  • Accommodations during the tour
  • Comfortable air-conditioned vehicle
  • Dinners
  • English or Spanish speaking driver
  • Pick-up and drop-off at your accommodations
Not Included
  • Breakfast
  • Drinks
  • Entry fees
  • Lunch
  • Some complementary dinners

Additional information:

  • We offer both standard and luxury accommodations. Please let us know what your preferences are and we will send you the available options.
  • All Sahara tours include a camel ride to the sunset in the Sahara Desert & delicious dinners at a beautiful campsite along with the bonfire and Berber music.
  • In addition to the first-class service, we have free wifi, water, pillows, and a wide variety of music in our vehicles for your amazing journey.
  • Please contact us for the desired tour, pricing, and more information:

Tour Plan:

Merzouga Camel Ride

Taking a camel trek and spending the night in Merzouga’s Sahara desert under the stars will be an experience you’ll never forget. It will add something special to your adventure, and you’ll get to enjoy the local music, drumming, delicious food, and sleeping in the desert under a gorgeous sky full of stars!

Your interesting trip will take place once you leave your car and get on the back of your camel after picking up everything necessary for the night in the camps. You will enjoy the camel trekking in a large tour around the dunes of Erg-Chebbi in the late afternoon before the sun goes down.

Before reaching the camp where you will spend the night, the camel ride will last for around two hours in the vast desert. After arriving, Berber men who live in tents will greet you and offer you a cup of tea in accordance with the Saharan custom. You will also have the opportunity to halt up the dunes to view the most breathtaking sunset in the globe. Take your time to take in this once-in-a-lifetime experience and capture it on camera. Additionally, you will have the chance to try out boarding on the sand.

After your break, bear in mind that you have the entire night to experience the Sahara nights in your camps. We are providing numerous things that you will unquestionably admire, such as playing drums around a fire and dancing to Gnawa music. You may also feel free to chat with Berber men about their culture; you’ll find them to be humble and gentle. Then relish your fantastic traditional dinner in a joyful situation.

Next morning, It is advisable to rise early to witness a stunning sunrise over the dunes, followed by a hearty breakfast, a quick shower, and a camel ride back to Merzouga village or the location where we picked you up. If you do not wish to ride camels again, we will transform you using our conveyance.


100% RECOMENDABLE. EXCELENTE Y PROFESIONAL. Hassan es súper profesional, puntual, confiable y atento. Hizo lo posible para que tuviésemos la mejor estadía en Marruecos. Hicimos un tour de 9 días excelente, fluido, muy bien organizado por Hassan y precioso. Además Hassan conduce de maravilla!!! El coche fue un 4 por 4 impecable y cómodo. Nuestros pedidos especiales, como salir a hacer trekking en la montaña, y cambio de itinerario durante el viaje fueron resueltos en forma expedida. Sin costo adicional, lo cual valoramos mucho. Muy flexible. Nos sentimos totalmente satisfechos y agradecidos. Recomendamos BEST MARROCCO TRAVEL 100%. MUCHÍSIMAS GRACIAS HASSAN!!!
Best 9 days trip in Morocco We had been in contact with Hassan from USA looking for trip in Morocco, Best Morocco Travel, was always very helpful and quick to answer our questions.The tour was the best introduction to Morocco and was very interesting, Mohamed, our private tour guide taught us much about the country and was answer all our questions. He was very enthusiastic and made the long trip fun and interesting.The accommodation was in the riads, and two desert glamping tents with ensuites. All dinners and breakfasts were provided and many of the meals were exceptional!Being at the edge of the Sahara was amazing. The dunes, and quad bike the camels and the experience was amazing!Best Morocco Travel has many smaller tours as well. We Booked the trip in this company because hassan answered quickly and help us to choose the tour.mohamed and their team looked after us very well. Thank you for a magic time in Morocco.We highly recommend this company at bestmoroccotravel.comAnd it would be more fun if you had Mohammed as your tour guide, we will come back again,thank you again.
Rosiele d
Rosiele d
Foi maravilhoso 🤩 Agência de extrema confiança, excelente atendimento! Procurei a agência porque me indicaram. Sou brasileira e optei por uma viagem internacional,vivi experiências incríveis.
Hannah & Vee
Hannah & Vee
Excellent service Excellent service! Hassan is extremely friendly, punctual and knowledgeable. He made sure we were well looked after wherever we went. Highly recommend this very comfortable, safe and efficient service. Would happily use again!
Hannah Y
Hannah Y
Enjoyable trip The week in Morocco was very interesting and special. We not only enjoyed the local scenery, but also the considerate service. Hassan arranged the accommodation for us with local characteristics, and provided us with small gifts and local delicacies during the trip. All our requirements were well met by him and it was a very memorable and enjoyable trip.
wenjing y
wenjing y
unique experience It was a trip full of adventure! With our guide Hassan, we travelled from Marrakech through the Sahara desert, Fes, Chefchaouen and Casablanca, and finally back to Marrakech. Hassan took us to the most beautiful tourist sites and provided us with luxury services throughout the trip, surprising us with his sincerity and enthusiasm! The long journey became very interesting. Highly recommended!!!
Good memories 我参加了七天的摩洛哥之旅,想要提醒的是 要是想更深度游玩摩洛哥可以再久一点,可以八到十天,因为景点很分散,坐车的时常比较久。卡萨和马拉喀什值得好好玩,当然撒哈拉沙漠很壮观,很特别。导游Hassan是很贴心很友好的人,推荐给大家!而且可以根据大家的喜好进行调整行程,还有接机送机时的小礼物都让我感觉很幸福。It is hard to score the trip, because we and guide are not only like the business, We are like friends, like having fun with a Morocco local friend who will help you arrange all things well. And the accommodations he booked for us are nice. Also eating the traditional food of Morocco. Highly recommended!Thank you for taking me to see Morocco.
Zhehan X
Zhehan X
Great Morocco trip Nice trip from Marrakesh to the Sahara desert, Fes and Casablanca. All the transportation and recommendations are arranged greatly. Impressive Morocco trip!
Amazing Very recommended tourist guide. He accompanied us during our visit in Morocco, he gave us the vest survice, was very charming, polite, helpful and mostly a very good guy.
Mi viaje por Marruecos Fui a Marruecos en excursion de 5 días , inicie en Marrakesh , ,Rabat , Fes ,impresionante su Medina , ví dónde curten el cuero para confeccionar ropa de piel , Casablanca hermosa mezquita de Hassan II , desierto del Sahara una noche con los bereberes y su increíble pueblo de Rissani su gente y gran mercado de ropa y especies .y todo con el mejor amigo Hassan Ouargaga , mil gracias .los mejores amiga persona y respetuosa , muy buena atención al turista 100%r reconendado

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