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What Makes Travel to Morocco Unique

What Makes Travel to Morocco Unique

What Makes Travel to Morocco Unique

There are many reasons to travel to Morocco. To mention a few, the kingdom has several varied and impressive urban areas, like the imperial cities of Marrakech, Fes, Meknes, and Rabat. Moreover, in Morocco, you can ride along the dreamy coastlines and laid-back coastal towns, the scenic Atlas Mountains, and the rugged peaks of the Rif Mountains. You are welcomed by unique desert vistas which offer the most striking sunsets and a sense of peace. All in all, these aspects offer great outdoor value and adventure. However, most importantly, it is the Moroccan people who make it a one-of-a-kind travel experience. Indeed, you will feel very welcome.


For sure, Moroccan people are full of warmth, and hospitality, and are truly one of the most generous people in the world.  It can feel like you know the person for a long time, do the ease and friendliness of a conversation. For example, there is always time for the tea along with the friendly smile and “Marhaba” – you are welcome! 


Another feature, that makes Morocco an interesting travel destination is the presence of medinas. These are old parts of towns typically surrounded by a wall, with their narrow labyrinthine streets, and colorful markets that are interesting to explore. Furthermore, medinas are divided into quarters, with each having a mosque, hammam, communal bread oven, an educational institution, and a water fountain that serves their local community.  


Hammam is another unique part of Moroccan culture to experience.  It is a steam bath that is much more than just a spa. The locals visit hammams to cleanse themselves, socialize, and simply relax. Again, the Hammam ritual can be truly refreshing and enjoyable for visitors, so just go for it!


You haven’t fully experienced Morocco, without spending the night in a Riad.  Riads are traditional palace-style Moroccan houses that used to be the homes of the wealthier classes. In detail, these buildings offer architectural details like an inner courtyard, a pool or fountain, and a garden, which create an exotic and magical environment. 


Rich, vibrant, and striking are the words to describe the architecture of Morocco. For sure, it’s one of the things to make the country a desirable travel destination. In brief, Moroccan architecture has Berber, Islamic, Moorish, and French influences. Geometric patterns, ornate archways, beautiful fountains, and tiles are a hallmark of its architectural language and, are readily witnessed anywhere you travel to Morocco. Their distinctive style is prevalent throughout the country and is witnessed in elaborately decorated courtyards, lush gardens, and highly carved and patterned buildings. 


Another interesting feature of the Moroccan building style is the endless rooftops. They offer often gathering places or restaurants, which provide you with unbelievable views of the city’s maze-like streets below or of the countryside vistas with mountainous landscapes and lush valleys.  Therefore, just take some time out to lounge in one of these amazing places and watch life go by.  


Although Morocco has many delicious dishes, tagine is considered the most well-known dish in the country.  This traditional Moroccan dish has the most vibrant flavor-filled combinations of aromatic spices and exotic ingredients, all cooked in a clay pot. Additionally, the slow-cooked method makes all the ingredients including lamb, beef, chicken, and vegetables turn tender and luscious.  

Maybe one of the less-known aspects of Morocco is its national drink. This is a mint tea, jokingly referred to as ‘Berber whisky’ by the locals. Indeed, it is refreshing, versatile, robust, and delicious. 

Morocco is a must-visit place for food lovers do its varied options of spices, fresh fruits, and vegetables you can pick up daily from vibrant souks. 


How about the famous souks of Marrakech, the Red City? The souks are often the highlight of the trip with their bustling atmosphere and the thrill of bargaining. for example, you can purchase traditional woven handmade Berber rugs, colorful lamps, and lanterns, leather goods, beautifully patterned ceramics, pashminas, blankets you name it! Furthermore, there are jewelry stands, beauty products, exotic fermented olives and sweets, aromatic spices, and many more products to be had!  


Then there is the Berber culture which is a simple and pure way of life. This is harder to find nowadays because of modernization.  in brief, Berbers are the indigenous people of the country. There is no one single characteristic of their culture that stands out more than others, however, yet the diversity of it is something you have to experience to get a feel of the soul and spirit of Morocco.  

Morocco Sahara Desert

Sahara is by far the most intriguing and special reason to travel to Morocco. Not to mention, the dessert is an amazing sight that has special vibes. Indeed, its quiet landscape and stately, perfectly-formed dunes are a beautiful backdrop to witness morning, day, and night. We promise you: the Sahara will strike you with its otherworldly beauty. For sure, its infinite, zen-like landscape will calm your soul and senses. You’re changed forever once you visit the Sahara desert in Morocco. Are you planning a trip to Morocco contact us here.