Top 16 Things to do in Morocco

Top 16 Things to do in Morocco

Morocco is well known for its exquisite cuisine, great architecture, famous souks (local markets) and its generous hospitality. Morocco has long been a beloved destination for surfers, solo travelers, backpackers, couples, and more. Yet, there is still so much left to discover about this beautiful country. Morocco has become one of the top travel destinations partly because it is home to 9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Whether you’re exploring diverse foods, wandering through souks, admiring Chefchaouen Blue City, or marveling at breathtaking landscapes, one thing remains certain: you’ll always be welcomed with Moroccan Mint Tea and abundant hospitality. These moments will surely enhance your trip and create lasting memories.

Are you HUNGRY for Adventure and not sure where to start? Buckle up and let’s dive into our summary of top 16 things to do in Morocco when you’re visiting Morocco.

1 – Marrakech, known as the Red City

Marrakech, an absolute must on every traveler and tourist bucket list. Wander around the souks and Jemaa el-Fnaa (Marrakech main square) where you can taste the sweetest orange juice you will ever have tasted. Where you will have an abundance of entertainment and shops for all kinds of leather goods and spices. Another top spot on the bucket list is The Jardin Majorelle, previously owned by the French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent. Some other highlights to be considered are Bahia Palace, Ben Youssef Madrasa and Koutoubia Mosque. If you are into fine dining and want to skip a diner with traditional food, then Nobu is a highly recommended place to go (make sure to reserve upfront and to dress fancy). There will be another article about high-end restaurants.

2 – Rabat, the Capital of Morocco

Rabat is one of the four imperial cities and it is located along the Atlantic coast. A city which is rich in culture and deep-rooted in history. One such historical treasure is the Hassan Tower built in the 12th century. Although the building was never completed its beauty is unparalleled and certainly deserves a visit. Another top spot is the Royal palace, even though it is forbidden to enter the palace you can admire this beauty from afar. Make sure you also add Kasbah des Oudaias on your to-do list, wandering around the narrow alleys will make you feel like you have entered a completely new reality.

For all those that love good food, Dar Zaki is a very nice restaurant that serves traditional dishes in a stunning setting. For those looking for a fine dining option Golden Fish is an excellent choice. The Golden Fish, a modern gastronomic hot spot serving amazing seafood as well as exquisite Mediterranean dishes.

3 – Casablanca, the Economic Capital

One of the most outstanding attributes in Casablanca has to be Hassan II Mosque. The architecture, the view and the way it’s built on top of the ocean makes it even more magnificent. Bear in mind that there are certain opening hours for the public and make sure to dress properly, as you don’t want to miss out on this beauty.

If you are looking for special and unique local goods then you must visit Quartier Habous. It’s located in the new medina and it is so big that some can wander around for hours. Make sure you remember where you walked as it is like a giant maze and you don’t want to get lost. Another good option is Bab el Marrakech, which is located in the old town of Casablanca. If you are looking to shop beyond traditional goods then Morocco mall is a one stop solution for all your shopping matters, making it the largest shopping mall in Africa. Marina Shopping is an alternative mall if you’re looking for an alternative mall. The Marina shopping mall has an astonishing view facing the Atlantic Ocean.

Stroll around the Boulevard where you have many beach clubs to choose from and in the evening it’s still very lively and families will come out.

Big city promises good food. There are various restaurants to choose from, but these restaurants are one of our favorites: Dar El Kaid, Vieilles Canailles and Moods Café-Restaurant. PS: don’t worry there will be another blog for the foodies out there who want to know the ins and outs of highly recommended restaurants.

4 – Essaouira, the laid back beach town

Long stretch of promenade surrounded the sandy beach as well as the traffic-free medina calls for sauntering around. You can walk easily everywhere as it is a very compact town. Essaouira is the perfect spot to end your holiday as many visitors come to unwind. The beach is clean and the soft sand makes you relax even more. If you enjoy stretching your legs this is a very good spot. However, there are times where the beach can be very windy and then this beauty changes from a laid back town into an adventurous windy town. It has become a very attractive place for surfers and all wind related water enthusiasts. If you are looking for non-water related activities there are options to go horseback riding camel safaris.

5 – Fes, the oldest town of Morocco

Fes, Morocco oldest imperial city and North Africa’s largest old town, is renowned for its ancient souks, iconic monuments, and artisanal crafts. Did you know it’s also home to the world’s first university? Fes continues to attract scholars and philosophers globally. Navigating its lively yet narrow streets offers an authentic experience of this historic city. Highlights include the Chouara Tannery, known for its intriguing scents, and the Boun Inania Madrasa, a unique combination of school and mosque. The Medina of Fes el Bali feels frozen in time, transporting visitors to a bygone era.

6 – Chefchaouen, the blue city

Chefchaouen, known for its beautiful shades of blue, isn’t a hidden gem. Receiving many tourists from all over the world just to stroll around the narrow alleys of this iconic village. Chefchaouen is small, but make sure you wear a good pair of shoes as you will make a lot of steps and ensure you listen to your body when you need to rest. Wear colorful clothes if you want your pictures to stand out even more. In comparison to the big cities, the vibe of Chefchaouens Medina is more calm which makes your stay even more relaxed. Chefchaouen is perfect to combine it with other cities, where you can escape the crowdedness and relax a bit.

One thing you don’t want to miss out on are the sunrises and sunsets. Enjoy these magical moments from higher up, get to the rooftop of your stay or go on a hike into the Rif mountains. A popular place to see the sunset is from the Spanish Mosque, which has a panoramic view. It is a 30-minute hike to the top. Bear in mind it can be a bit crowded, as many want to capture this moment.

7 – Atlas Mountains

The Atlas Mountains, spanning Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia, are a paradise for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike, characterized by rugged peaks and deep valleys. Mount Toubkal, North Africa’s highest peak, is a highlight for hikers and trekkers. Close to Marrakech, it’s ideal for combining city and mountain experiences. Explore Amazigh villages for an authentic cultural immersion, respecting local traditions. The Toubkal circuit offers a week-long trek through ancient trails, fertile valleys, and stunning landscapes, deepening your connection with the region’s biodiversity. Check local weather conditions for a smooth journey, as the Atlas Mountains’ climate can vary widely.

8 – Merzouga Desert, gateway to a wonderland of sand

Yet another magical place you simply cannot skip, because of its beauty and serenity your inner wanderlust will come out. The beauty and serenity of the desert are unparalleled when the wanderlust comes out. Imagen the magnificent scene of the sun sinking on the horizon and the great realization of the true meaning of the famous saying of COCO CHANEL “The best things in life are free”.

If you come from Marrakech it’s recommended to stay overnight as the drive can take up to 10 hours to elevate your journey. Make sure to go with someone who is experienced in that area and knows all the ins and outs. Nestled in the dunes makes it perfect for camel rides, bike rides, desert camping and stargazing. Book 3 nights so you will not get tired of the long rides, which can be overwhelming and you will get the best out of this trip.

Located in the eastern part of Morocco, the quaint village of Merzouga beckons.

9 – Ouzoud Waterfall, the tallest waterfall in North-Africa

Most choose to go on a day trip from Marrakech which is approximately a 6 hour drive. You will be amazed by the amazing scenery and lovely villages during your drive. This natural wonder is 110 meters high (330 feet) making it the tallest waterfall in North-Africa. It is considered as one of the most beautiful and romantic falls in the world. Although it is very tempting to swim, it is not recommended due to the strong current, there are some pools where you can swim right at the bottom of the Ouzoud waterfalls, just make sure your safety is first. Nonetheless, you can also take a small boat ride, enjoy the breathtaking cascades and the beautiful surroundings and if you’re lucky you might spot a Barbary macaque (monkey).

10 – Legzira Beach, the kiting and surfing spot

Legzira Beach, known for its huge rock arch caused by erosion. Originally there were two arches but one collapsed. Nevertheless, it remains a gem to visit! There are perfect things in the sea that touch the soul. Even though it’s a popular place among the tourists and locals (especially on the weekends), this place gives you a feeling as if you are alone in your own bubble admiring this gorgeous place. A beautiful scenery is when the sunset hits the huge arch, the rock turns into a glowing red color and you will be staring in awe. Make sure to consult a tide table to ensure the tides are low enough, because some spots are covered during high tide.

A good reason to stay overnight is due to public transportation that is not ideal to Legzira Beach. Another good reason is to have a romantic sea view dinner, as mentioned before even though you are surrounded by other people it is as if you are really in your own zone.

11 – Beach at Agadir, sea side resort

The long white sand beach of Agadir surrounded by numerous high end hotels, makes Agadir stand as Morocco premier beach resort. A perfect stay for people who really want to relax and soak up the sun. Whether you seek an all-inclusive, family friendly, or adults-only hotel, you’ll find the perfect match in Agadir. Ensure you book early as tourism to Agadir is increasing. Many beach clubs require entrance fees, so check prices in advance to plan accordingly and avoid disappointment.

12 – Tangier, the cosmopolitan city

Tangiers, a dynamic city in northern Morocco, offers exotic mystery, unspoiled beaches, intriguing history, and stunning artistic sights, making it an ideal travel destination. Spend days exploring the medina, browsing markets, and enjoying breathtaking views. Lose yourself in the labyrinthine old Kasbah despite its confusing paths. Don’t miss the Kasbah Museum for architecture enthusiasts and the American Legation for historical artifacts. Café Hafa, famous for its views over the Bay of Tangier, is a must visit, especially in the quieter mornings.

13 – Marrakech, Hot Air Balloon

As mentioned before Marrakech is a must-visit city. If you want to make your trip extraordinary, make sure to include the hot air balloon. You will experience an unforgettable flight over Marrakech where you can admire this beautiful and magical city from above. Seeing the magnificent sunrise over the Atlas mountains, as most rides are being scheduled early in the morning.

In the morning you will be picked up very early. Most hot air balloon companies welcome you with tea. After this you will get loads of information, this will make you calm down (in case you are very nervous). The duration of the hot balloon ride is approximately 1 hour, that will be accompanied (by most companies) with breakfast. You could always add additional things to do such as camel ride, quad ride or an ATV tour.

14 – Aït Ben Haddou Kasbah

A.B.H.K. (Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah) might have crossed your vision many times without you even knowing this. This UNESCO World Heritage Site, featured in iconic films like Game of Thrones and Gladiator, dates back to the 11th century. It served as a crucial stop on ancient caravan routes. Surrounded by palms, the majestic desert fortress offers an unforgettable experience with surreal scenery that feels like a movie set come to life. Some locals still reside here, crafting and selling handmade goods. For the best experience, stay overnight to fully appreciate the grand desert views and enjoy tea amidst this captivating landscape.

15 Volubilis, Roman Ruins

Volubilis is Morocco best preserved Roman ruins that were established in the 3rd century BC. It is situated near Meknes, making it a good day trip if you stay in Meknes. Explore this vast archaeological site and journey back in time to witness remarkably preserved homes, temples, statues, and mosaics firsthand. You can wander around by yourself or hire a guide as you wish. Don’t miss these must-visit sites: the Arc de Triomphe, mosaic houses, olive presses, and the Baths of Galen.

16 – Hammam

A trip to Morocco isn’t complete without experiencing a traditional hammam. It leaves your skin baby-soft and incredibly clean, shedding an astonishing amount of dead skin. There are numerous bathhouses, blending traditional and modern styles, offering a variety of pampering options.

A typical hammam day involves paying an entrance fee. If you don’t bring shower equipment, you can buy it there. Enhance your hammam experience with Moroccan black soap (Sabon beldi), a scrub glove (kessa), and cleansing clay (ghassoul). Find them at the hammam or local souks. Upon entering, there’s a changing area with lockers; bring bathing flip flops. The steam loosens dead skin, visible after scrubbing. You have the option to scrub yourself or have a worker scrub you, but clear instructions are essential, especially for those unfamiliar with the process, as it can be uncomfortable.

Tip: For the best tan, visit the hammam early in your trip before soaking up the sun. Plan your hammam visit at the end of the day as it will make you feel very sleepy. Make sure you will drink enough water before visiting the hammam, as it is very hot and steamy inside

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